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Make your own macramé keychain with 4 easy knots | Tutorial

Fun for young and old: making your own beautiful macramé pendants. Brighten up your bag or keys or make someone else happy with your handmade creation. This is how to make a simple macramé keychain yourself.

Blue macrame pendant attached to a light gold snap hook

The nice thing about macramé is that with a series of easy knots you get beautiful and complex-looking results. For the key chain in this tutorial, you only need 4 different types of knots and it results in a beautiful pendant.

What you'll need:

  • A ring, snap hook or something else to attach the strings to
  • 3x 80 cm and 1x 30 cm macramé cotton
  • Scissors

For the tutorial, 3 mm cotton cord is used, but you can of course choose thinner or thicker cord. If you do, note that the lengths required may be slightly different.

It works best to fasten your knotwork when you start knotting. You can fasten it to a jig as in the video, but it can also be done with tape to a table, for example, or think of another way with the materials you have at home.


Do it yourself!

  1. Make 3 lark’s head knots. These set-up knots are also called cow hitch knots.
  2. Make 1 half hitch knot with the middle cords.
  3. Make 2 rows of double half hitch knots from inside to outside.
  4. Make a square knot in the middle. This knot is also known as the cobra knot.
  5. Make 3 more rows of double half hitch knots, this time from outside to inside.
  6. Make a gathering knot (or wrap knot) with the short macramé cord to tie the ends together.
  7. Fray the ends of the cords to end with fringe.

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