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Shop The Look: BioThane® Golden Copper Glamour

Shop now our exclusive BioThane colour Golden Copper Glamour. In this blog you’ll find all the products you need to make this chic BioThane dog collar and leash. Click on the photos and add the products to your shopping cart!

Shopping List BioThane Dog Collar

Golden Copper Glamour  BioThane 25 mm   Golden Copper Glamour Paracord Type II 

Marvelous Mauve Paracord Type I  Café Latte Paracord Type I  

Flat Slider Bead Flower - Silver  Belt Buckle Double Barred Nickel Plated 25 mm

D-Ring Stainless Steel 25 x 4 mm  Double Cap Rivet Nickel Plated 10 mm

Shopping List BioThane Dog Leash

Sparkling Peach (PES) Paracord Type III  Marvelous Mauve Paracord 550 Type III

Café Latte Paracord 550 Type II  Golden Copper Glamour Paracord 550 Type III

Chrome Plated Snap Hook 75 mm - Ø 13 mm  4 mm - Set of 50 Stainless Steel Beads Round - Silver

BioThane collar with the Cobra knot tutorial

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