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Make your own leather tassels | Tutorial

Making tassels out of leather is fun and easy. Make your own keychain, hang it on your bag as an accessory or add it as a personal detail to your self-made dog collar. Our ambassador Evi Nelissen of Yatzil explains how to make these tassels from a piece of Nappa leather.

Yellow leather tassel with pink beadYou can make the tassels in all shapes, sizes and colors. Have fun! In the tutorial, the leather tassel is made from a 10x20 cm piece of nappa leather. You can choose to add beads to the loop of the tassel.


With the silver pen we make marks on the leather. Of course, you can also use a pen or pencil, but the advantage of a silver pen is that it is easy to see on the leather and also easy to rub off.

Leather tassel tutorial paracord.eu supplies 

Step 1

Determine the length and height of your pendant. You may choose the size yourself. In this example, the height is 10 cm and the length is 20 cm.

tutorial leather tassels paracord.eu step 1

Step 2

Cut the leather to size using the knife or scissors.

make your own brown leather tassel paracord.eu

Step 3

Using the silver pen, mark a rectangle. In this example, the rectangle is 7 cm long and 8.5 cm wide.

make your own tassel tutorial paracord.eu

Step 4

Remove the marked area using the knife or scissors.

leather tassel tutorial step 4  working with leather tutorial paracord.eu
Step 5

Mark and cut a narrow strip from the removed section. This will be the loop of the pendant.

We will continue working with these two parts.

tutorial leather tassel step 5

  tutorial brown leather tassel step 5

Step 6

On the back of the leather, mark a straight line. This is a guide line, from here you will start cutting.

                Tutorial yellow black leather tassel nappaleathermake your own leather tassel tutorial step 6 

Step 7

Make strips from the guide line. The strips are 5 mm wide. Use the ruler with the guide line for this.
make your own brown leather tassel tutorial step 7  DIY leather tassel paracord.eu

DIY leather tassel paracord.eu step 7  Tutorial make leather tassel step 7

Step 8

Place a piece of paper under the leather to protect your cutting mat. Apply glue to both ends on the inside of the leather. Do this about 1 cm from the edge. Fold the leather in half so that the two pieces glued in touch. Now you have a loop.

Leather tassel glue tutorial paracord.eu  Leather tassel glue tutorial step 8

Step 9

Lay the tassel with the inside facing up. Apply glue to the top strip with the spatula.

  Tutorial leather tassel step 9Make a leather tassel step 9

Step 10

Apply glue to the bottom cm of the loop. Place the loop left on the end of the inside of the tassel.

                Light brown leather tassel self-madeLeather tassel step 10 DIY 

Step 11

Roll the tassel around the loop. Tighten well.

Tutorial leather tassel step 11 

Your self-made leather tassel is ready! Want to share your creation with us on Instagram? Use the hashtag #yesparacord.

Self-made leather tassel paracord.eu  Loop leather tassel paracord.eu


                       Variation Leather Tassel          Variation Brown leather tassel 

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