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How to use the Angelus Paint Markers

Leather painting is a fun way to decorate your homemade leather leash, dog collar or bag. Here it is important that you apply the paint in thin and even layers for best results. These Angelus Paint Markers allow you to apply a small amount of paint with precision, making them a must-have for your paint tools!

The paint markers are available in two sizes:Angelus paint markers
Angelus Empty Paint Marker Set 3 mm
Angelus Empty Paint Marker Set 5 mm

Angelus Leather Paint

Fill your markers with the fun colors of Angelus Leather Paint and write or draw figures on the leather. Angelus Leather Paint can have a thick substance. Therefore, dilute the leather paint with the Angelus 2-Thin 29.5 ml at a 1:1 ratio. Angelus acrylic leather paint is available in the colours Turquoise, Black, Burgundy and a lot more!
Note: the Neon and Metallic Angelus Leather Paint are not suitable for the Angelus Paint Markers.

Did you know that you can also use Angelus leather paint on BioThane? Read how our ambassador Mashdogs decorates BioThane with Angelus leather paint here.

Angelus leather paintAngelus acrylic paint

Angelus leather paint BioThaneAngelus paint dog collar

Angelus Sneaker Paint

How to use Angelus Leather Paint on sneakers? In this video you see how to customize your shoes with the Angelus Paint Markers. The Angelus leather paint is flexible and elastic, which provides a nice smooth finish.


Fiebing's Edge Kote

You can choose to scuff the edges of your leather with Fiebing's Gum Tragacanth and the Ebony Hand Burnisher Stick. Then you can touch up the edges with Angelus Paint Markers using the neutral colors of Fiebing's Edge Kote. We diluted the Fiebing's Edge Kote just like the Angelus Leather Paint with Angelus 2-Thin 29.5 ml. Fiebing's Edge Kote is available in the colours Tan, Black and Brown.

Fiebing’s Edge Kote markerFiebing’s Edge Kote leather

Angelus Paint Markers hergebruiken

The paint markers come with 10 replaceable tips. We recommend using one color per marker. It is difficult to clean the paint markers thoroughly, so there is always paint residue left behind.

Are you done but still have some paint left in the marker? You can keep the paint in the marker just fine. If you don't put too much in the marker at once, the paint won't just dry out. So you don't have to put the Angelus leather paint or Fiebings Edge Kote back into the package when you're done.

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