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LTR’s One Way knot from paracord | Tutorial

Knot LTR's One Way pattern with this tutorial. With this knot, you use paracord type 1, 2 and 3 at the same time.

This tutorial is made by Romy Kuijper, the designer of the knot LTR's One Way. Thanks Romy!

In LTR's One Way, you use 3 different paracord types. Two type lll ropes are used for the edges, next to the edge you see one type ll rope and in the middle you use four type l ropes. So the knot is made with 7 colours and is about 45 mm wide and 10 mm thick.

In this tutorial we use the classic colour gradient with the 4 colours in the middle, but of course you can also choose to use a different pattern, for example by using only 2 colours. Combine the colours in the MatchMaker and use your imagination!

A collar made with the LTR's One Way knot

Start of the knot

For the LTR's One Way, use Kosmetik 2.0 as set-up. Then add colour 2 through the set-up knots and use colour 3 to make an extra cow hitch knot in the middle. Pass colours 4 to 7 through the cow hitch knot of colour 3.

The setup for creating the knot

Colour 1: Juicy Purple (Type lll), colour 2: Lime Green (Type lll), colour 3: Turquoise (Type ll) colour 4: Yellow (Type l), colour 5: Neon Pink (Type 1), colour 6: Apricot Orange (Type l) and colour 7: Rose Pink (Type l).

After adding all the colours, you are ready to start tying the knot itself. Make sure to check that the two strands of each rope are about the same length on each side.

Knotting LTR's One Way

LTR's One way step one and two

In step 1, the left strand of colour 1 goes underneath the first vertical strand and then over the other vertical strand. In step 2, repeat this for the right strand of colour 1.

LTR's One way step three and four

Step 5 and 6 LTR's One way

Step 7 and 8 LTR's One way tutorial

Step 9 and 10 LTR's One way tutorial

LTR's One way tutorial Step 11 and 12

LTR's One way tutorial Step 13 and 14

LTR's One way Step 15 and 16 tutorial

LTR's One way Step 17 and 18 tutorial

Tutorial LTR's One way Step 19 and 20

Step 19: Take the right-hand type 1 strand, in this case colour 7, and let it go around the horizontal strands in the middle. Make sure you add the other colours to the right of this strand in the next steps.

Tutorial LTR's One way Step 21 and 22

Tutorial for LTR's One way knot Step 23 and 24

Tutorial for LTR's One way knot Step 25 and 26

LTR's One way knot Step 27 and 28 Tutorial

LTR's One way knot Step 29 and 30 Tutorial

At steps 29 and 30, you can see that the colours have all moved up one place. By repeating this at each step, you get the gradient in the middle.

Step 31 and 32 LTR's One way knot Tutorial

Step 33 and 34 LTR's One way knot Tutorial

In step 33, again let the rightmost type 1 strand go to the left. Make sure you repeat this each time to get the desired pattern.

Tutorial Step 35 and 36 LTR's One way knot

Tutorial Final step LTR's One way knot

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