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Paracord whipping with multiple colours | Tutorial

Multicoloured paracord whipping adds the finishing touch to your rope project. This video tutorial shows how this technique works and how to alternate the colours during whipping.

In paracord whipping, you wrap a cord tightly around an object. You see this a lot in the outdoor world around the handle of a knife, for example, but this technique is also widely used in making dog leashes, collars and keychains.

You can make a nice dog leash quite easily by hiding the places where the rope is sewn together with whipping. For the whipping, you can use all kinds of rope. Often the really thin ropes are chosen, such as micro cord, nano cord, jewellery cord and linhasita.

Wrapping with thin cord around two layers of thicker rope

In the video, we whip around two layers of rope that are attached to each other. Make sure the layers are properly sewn together before you start whipping. The whipping alone is not enough to secure the layers together.



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