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Make the Meins Caterpillar | Tutorial

In this photo tutorial, you will see how to make the "Meins Caterpillar" knot with 5 different paracord colours. The Meins Caterpillar is a design by Claudia Pohl.

If you tie the Meins Caterpillar with Paracord type 3, the knot is about 4.8 cm wide and 1.4 cm thick. Do you think this is too thick or wide? Then you can choose to make the knot with paracord type 2 or type 1.

In the MatchMaker you can choose the colours and see how much paracord you need to make this knot.

Start paracord knot

In this tutorial we will use the Kosmetik 2.1 setup. You make this with colour 1 and then add the other four colours. Colours 2 and 3 go through the two outer cow hitch knots. Add colours 4 and 5 through the middle cow hitch knot. Below you can see how to add the colours to the setup.

Setup colours of Meins caterpillar

Colour 1: Fox Orange, colour 2: Neon Pink & Acid Purple Diamonds, colour 3: Royal Purple, colour 4: Dark Cyan and colour 5: Passion Pink.

After the setup has been created and the colours have been added, it is helpful to check that the length of the setup is still correct. Also check that the left and right strands of each colour are the same length. If this is correct, you can start making the knot itself.

Knotting the Meins Caterpillar


This knot has been designed by Claudia Pohl. We want to thank her for her permission to use this knot.

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