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Paracord leash with the Herringbone braid | Video Tutorial

This video shows you how to make a Herringbone braid with 8 strands of Paracord.

Do you want to make a Paracord dog leash yourself? With the help of this tutorial you can make your own leash with the 'Herringbone braid'. 

The leash in this video has a diamond knot as the start of the leash. Here you can see how to make a diamond knot of Paracord yourself

Required length of rope: desired length of the lead x 4. Are you making a 2 meter leash? Then you will need about 8 meters of rope per colour.

Materials used in this video:
- 4 x Paracord type 3
- 1 x Snap Hook
- 1 x O-ring
- Paracord needle
- Crochet hook
- Gas burner
- Scissors
- Spoon 

Do you like to see in advance if the colours match? Match your Paracord colours here

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