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Make a Diamond Knot | Video Tutorial

This video explains how to make a diamond knot with 8 strands, which are used in pairs of 2. This is an ideal way to start a Paracord dog leash.

A diamond knot is a practical and at the same time elegant way to start your dog leash. There are different variations of this knot, it can be made with one strand or with many more. In this video you will find a version where the diamond knot is made with 8 strands.

The easiest way to practice this technique is to use short pieces of rope. When you have mastered the technique, you can start using longer pieces. 

Materials used in this video
- 4 x Paracord type 3 
- 1 x empty toilet roll
- 1 x rubber band
- 1 x cutting mat 

Prefer to make a diamond knot with less strands? Here you can find a tutorial for a diamond knot with 4 strands of Paracord.

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