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Make the Loco | Tutorial

In this photo tutorial, you will see how to knot the Loco pattern. The Loco knot was designed by Annett Eul.

If you follow the photo tutorial and make this knot with paracord type III, the collar will be about 3.5 cm wide and 1.5 cm thick.  In the MatchMaker you can see how many meters of paracord you'll need and choose the colours for your project.

Start paracord knot

In this tutorial, the Kosmetik 2.1 technique is used as the setup. Need help making this? Then check out the tutorial on the Kosmetik setup here.

Colour 1: Black, colour 2: Aquamarine Blue & Golden Copper Glamour Stripes, colour 3: Cream colour 4: Alpine Green, and colour 5Golden Copper Glamour type I

After making the setup and adding the colours, it is helpful to check that the length of the setup is still correct. 

Knotting the Loco



Note: photo number five is missing, but you are not skipping a step. This is a mistake on our part.










Now start stitching on the side where you ended knotting.








This knot was designed by Annett Eul. We would like to thank her for her permission to use this knot.

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