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Make the Waterwave | Tutorial

In this photo tutorial, you will see how to knot the Waterwave pattern. The Waterwave knot was designed by Annett Eul.

If you follow the photo tutorial and make this knot with paracord type III, the collar will be about 3.5 cm wide and 1.5 cm thick.

Start paracord knot

In this tutorial, the Kosmetik 2.0 technique is used as the setup. Need help making this? Then check out the tutorial on the Kosmetik setup here.

Colour 1: Bronze Brown, colour 2: Chocolate Brown & Baby Blue Diamonds, colour 3: Baby Blue and colour 4: Pastel Blue

After making the setup and adding the colours, it is helpful to check that the length of the setup is still correct. Make sure the left and right strands of each colour ware the same length.

Knotting the Waterwave

Now tighten the knot. Now start again at step 8 and continue until your work is the desired length.

This knot was designed by Annett Eul. We would like to thank her for her permission to use this knot.

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