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Luna's Divided Solomon | Tutorial

Try the Luna's Divided Solomon knot by Saskia Meißner! In this design, you first tie the centre and then make the edge on either side.

This knot was designed by Saskia Meißner. It is 1.3 cm thick and 2.6 cm wide when tied with type 3 paracord.

With this knot, you first make the middle part with 3 colours and after that you create the edge on both sides. You can calculate in the MatchMaker what length you need to knot for your project and how much you need per colour.

You start the knot with the Kosmetik 2.0 setup in colour 1. Then you join colours 2 and 3 using the manny method. Then thread these through the set-up knots, making sure the part where the ropes are joined is exactly in the middle.

How the start of the Lunas Divided Solomon knot looks like

Colour 1: Cream & International Orange, colour 2: Cream and colour 3: Pastel Blue.

Knotting Luna's Divided Solomon

Step 1 and 2 of paracord tutorial lunas divided solomon

Lunas Divided Solomon step 3 and 4 how to tie the knot

Paracord knot attached to a D ring and passant ring steps 5 and 6

Step 7 and 8 where the rest of the knot is shown

In step 9 and 10 repeating earlier steps to tie the knot again

Repeat these steps until you have knotted the length you need. Then add the two colours for the edges. You do this by passing through the two set-up knots.

Step 11 shows what it looks like when you continue knotting and with step 12 you add new colours for the edge

Colour 4: Fox Orange and colour 5: Bronze Brown.

It is convenient to use a paracord needle when making the edges.

Step 13 and 14 how to attach the edge to the middle part

Paracord knot attaching the edge to the middel step 15 and 16

Again repeating the steps for the edge with step 17 and 18

Step 19 and 20 continuing with the edge made of paracord

Making the edge of Lunas Divided Solomon step 21 and 22

Continuing with the edge step 23 and 24

Repeat these steps until you have provided the entire side with the edge. Then repeat this on the other side.

After you have added both edges, the Luna's Divided Solomon knot is ready. Below you can see what the front and back look like.

Front and back of Lunas Divided Solomon end result

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