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Sanctified Covenant | Tutorial

Make a beautiful creation with the paracord knot Sanctified Covenant. You can use this knot, for example, to make a collar for medium-sized dogs. In this photo tutorial, you will see how to tie this knot, along with how to start and finish your work.

Paracord diy kit for dog collars for medium-sized dogsIn this blog post, you will see how to make a collar using the Sanctified Covenant knot from start to finish. This knot is ideal for making a collar for a smaller or medium-sized dog. This page also serves as the tutorial for the DIY kits with this knot.

Only want to see how to tie the knot itself? Then click on “Knotting of the Sanctified Covenant knot” in the table of contents or scroll down to the relevant section.


How to start the Sanctified Covenant knot

When making a dog collar, it is important that you set up your work in a safe way. Of course, you don't want the dog to be able to get loose due to an unsafe collar.

Determining the size

Before you can make the set-up, you must know how long it should be. The rule that you can follow with the products in the DIY kit is: circumference of the dog's neck (in cm) - 7 cm.

Are you making the collar for a dog with a neck circumference of 33 cm? Then the length of your set-up should be 26 cm (33 cm - 7 cm). In the picture below you can see which part this is.

Are you not using the DIY kit? Then you can calculate how long your setup should be in the “length calculator” tab in the MatchMaker.

Wooden paracord jig with begin of paracord knotting with indication what paracord set-up length is

Please note that these are all average values. Lengths may vary due to personal knotting styles. With this length we assume that you close the adapter at the level of the second hole. If the collar is too tight or too wide, you can easily change holes to make the collar fit.

Start of the Sanctified Covenant

In this tutorial, we will refer to the different strands as colour 1, colour 2 and colour 3. In the image below, you can see which term refers to which cord.

Start of paracord knot with all cord colours numbered

Colour 1: Mint & Burgundy Diamonds, colour 2: Pastel Pink and colour 3: Viva la Vino Red.

You should use the 6 m cord in the DIY kit as colour 1, the 5 m cord als colour 3 and the 3 m cord as colour 2.

Making kosmetik 2.0 with cow hitch knots as start of paracord knotting, step 1 and 2

  1. Fold colour 1 in half and pass the middle, as a loop, through the belt buckle.
  2. The loop goes over the bar and through the buckle again. Then pull the two strands through the loop.

Step 3 and 4 in starting the setup with cow hitch knots

  1. Tighten the knot.
  2. The right strand of colour 1 also passes over the bar. Pass this strand through the loop it just created and pull down.

Continuing with attaching paracord for a collar step 5 and 6

  1. Tighten the knot.
  2. Repeat step 4 on the left side with the left strand of colour 1.

Paracord start with Kosmetik 2.0 as begin of dog collar step 7 and 8

  1. Tighten the knot.
  2. Now work with the belt buckle at the bottom. Take the right-hand strand and pass it through the tri glide of the adapter.

Attaching paracord to the biothane adapter to make the setup step 9 and 10

  1. Let the strand on the right pass over the bar of the tri glide again and insert it into the created loop.
  2. Pull the strand to tighten the knot.

Finishing the setup of the paracord collar step 11 and 12

  1. Repeat step 7 and 8 with the left strand at the left side of the tri glide.
  2. Tighten the knot.

The setup itself is now finished. Make sure it is the length that you calculated before. Check this again before you start to tie the Sanctified Covenant.

Adding colours 2 and 3 to the setup step 13 and 14

  1. Pass colour 3 through the cow hitch knots of colour 1 at the tri glide.
  2. Flip the belt buckle and thread colour 2 through the centre knot at the back. It’s handy to use a paracord needle for this.

Paracord start step 15 and 16 how to add colour 2 for Sanctified Covenant

  1. Flip the buckle back again. Make sure the colour 2 strand is pulled a few centimetres through the knot.
  2. Make a knot in the short end. It doesn’t matter what kind of knot this is, this knot is temporary and you will untie it later.

Last step of paracord collar start preparing the cords to start knotting Sanctified Covenant

  1.  Pass the long strand of colour 2 over the tri glide and bring it back to the front between the setup strands.


In the video below, you can see how to add colour 2 and 3 as well.


Knotting of the Sanctified Covenant knot

Step 1 and 2 knotting tutorial sanctified covenant

  1. Pass the strand of colour 2 over itself and let it go to the back.
  2. The right strand of colour 1 passes under the right setup strand and the vertical strand of colour 2 and goes over the left setup strand.

Sanctified Covenant paracord tutorial step 3 and 4

  1. Repeat this for the left-hand strand of colour 1.
  2. Let the right strand of colour 3 pass under the horizontal strands of colour 1 in the middle and insert the strand into the right hand loop of colour 1. Make sure the strand crosses over itself to the side.

Steps 5 and 6 in tutorial Sanctified Covenant

  1. Repeat this with the left hand strand of colour 3.
  2. Pull the strands to tighten the knot. You have now made the first paracord Sanctified Covenant knot.

How to make the sanctified covenant paracord knot step 7 and 8

  1. The strand of colour 2 passes over itself again and goes to the back.
  2. Repeat the steps 2-5 for the colours 1 and 3. Tighten the knot.

Repeat the same knot until you have knotted the length you need.

What the knot looks like at the back tutorial step 9 and 10

  1. The back of your knotwork should look like the back in the picture. You can also often tell when you have made a mistake because of irregularities at the back side.
  2. Continue knotting until you have knotted the entire length of the setup. Then you can untie the temporary knot in the short end of colour 2.

Finishing off the knot

As with the setup, it is important that the finishing of a collar is secure. Here's one way you can do this.

It is practical to use a paracord needle while finishing, but it is not required. You could also use an alternative tool, like a crochet hook or a marlin spike.

Backstitching paracord for safe finishing step 1 and 2

  1. Thread the right strand of colour 1 through the setup knot on the belt buckle.
  2. Now pass the same strand under two lower loops as in the picture.

Safely backstitching paracord threads tutorial step 3 and 4

  1. Thread the left strand of colour 1 through the left knot on the belt buckle.
  2. Pass the same strand under two lower loops.

How to finish paracord collar step 5 and 6

  1. Insert the right hand strand of colour 3 under two loops of its own colour.
  2. Repeat this for the left-hand strand of colour 3.

Inserting paracord strand with paracord needle step 7 and 8

  1. Colour 2 goes under the loops of colour 1 in the middle.
  2. Tighten this.

Cord ends are cut and melted step 9 and 10

  1. Cut off the ends of colour 1 and 2.
  2. Melt the ends with a blow torch. Flatten them with a teaspoon. In this picture we have fused the ends together.

Last strand cut and heated to fuse together step 11 and 12

  1. Cut off the ends of the colour 3 strands.
  2. Melt the ends of colour 3 as well. When melting, we fused the ends to the other melted ends.

Your collar is now ready. Have fun using it!

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