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Wen-D Leash | DIY kit instructions

Make a beautiful double stop slip leash with the Wen-D Leash design. You use dog leash rope and paracord to make this dog leash and collar in one.

Paracord DIY kit for slip leash with double stopHave you bought a DIY kit to make the Wen-D Leash slip leash? Here you will find the instructions to make this leash. Of course you can also make this leash without this kit, you can find the necessary materials on the product page.

In the tutorial these tools are used:

The Wen-D Leash is designed by Wendy van der Helm. We would like to thank her for giving us permission to make the tutorial and the DIY kit.

Double stop slip leash in blue and gold

1. Sewing the dog leash rope together

Before you start sewing, you need to know where exactly the cord tube should be. This depends on the length of the folded part of the rope. The length calculation you can use is 'neck circumference + 2 cm'. Does your dog have a neck circumference of 47 centimetres? Then make sure that the folded part is 49 centimetres.

The cord tube is placed next to the loop, the loop and the cord tube together take up about 5 centimetres.

Folded piece of the slip leash with indication of which lengths are important

Illustration 1 - Important measurements for the leash

Please note that this is based on an end that is already ready for the end cap. Are you going to cut and heat the end of the rope later, as in the video? Then make sure you take 1-2 extra centimetres.

Now you are going to sew the dog leash rope together at the place where the cord tube is going to be. You can use nano cord for this.

Make sure that you do not sew too far, so that the sewn part still falls nicely under the cord tube. In between, check whether the cord still fits through the loop.


2. Tying the collar part

Now you are going to knot the collar part of the lead. You tie this with paracord type 3.

In the kit you will find 3 bundles of paracord. Cut one metre of each bundle and put it to the side. You will use these when you start making the diamond knots.

You use the rest of the paracord for knotting the collar. First you add the paracord ropes to the dog leash rope. After you have added all the colours, you are going to knot around the thick rope as shown in the video.

Knotted collar part of the slip leash

The video refers to the different colours with numbers. For the colour combination in this package is colour 1 North Star Diamonds Snake, colour 2 Polar Blue and colour 3 Pirate Gold.

In the example, we have used the Helmy's Next knot with the edge of the Sanctified Covenant knot. Because this is knotted around the thick rope, it does look quite different. A nice feature of the Wen-D Leash is that you can use a lot of different paracord knots for the collar part.

For the length of your knotwork look back at illustration 1. The length of both B and C should be 5 cm. Please note that with B the 5 cm is for a finished rope end. Do you have the end unfinished? Then take 1-2 cm extra.

The space between B and C you will fill with the paracord knotting. Is the knotted part complete? Then you are going to finish it off by backstitching the paracord strands.


3. Continuing with the leash

Now continue making the slip leash by adding the second cord tube and the "luxe" end cap. Then add the first stop/bar ring, pull the rope through the loop and add the second stop/bar ring.


4. Making the handle

Now make a handle at the end of the leash. It is up to you how big you want the handle to be.

Would you like to add a ring to your handle, for example to hang a poop bag holder? Then add this ring before you start sewing.


5. Tying diamond knots around the leash

To hide the stitching of the handle, we tie diamond knots around the leash. You use the paracord rope you set aside at the beginning.

In the video four diamond knots are made, but of course you are free to choose another amount.

Handmade tool for paracord diamond knotsThe diamond knot is made here with 6 strands. Never made a diamond knot before? Then you can choose to use the version of the diamond knot with 4 strands. It is also useful to practice this knot first before tying it around the leash.

Tip: Don't have a tool at hand for the diamond knot? You can make such a tool yourself with an empty toilet roll. You cut as many parts out of the roll as the number of strands you are using. So for a four strand diamond knot, you cut four openings in the roll.



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