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Stairways knot with paracord | Tutorial

Knot the gorgeous pattern “Stairways” using this photo tutorial. This 5 colour knot is a design by Silke Engels.

When you knot the stairways with paracord 550, the knotwork is about 4.8 cm wide and 1.4 cm thick.

Check out this paracord knot with 5 colours in the MatchMaker and choose your favourite colour combinations there and calculate how much rope you need for your project.

Start Paracord Knot

For the set-up we use the Kosmetik 2.1. Colours 2, 3 and 4 go through all three set-up knots, colour 5 only goes through the middle set-up knot. Below you can see how the colours are added.

Start of tutorial for the 5 strand paracord braid "Stairways"

Colour 1: Fresh Mint, colour 2: Neon Turquoise, colour 3: Electroshock, colour 4: Aquamarine Blue and colour 5: Indigo.

After the set-up is made and the colours have been added, it is handy to check that the length of the set-up is still correct. Make sure the left and right strand of each colour are the same length. If this is correct, you can start on the knot.

Knotting the Stairways

How to start tying the knot with steps 1 and 2

Stairways knot tutorial how to use the turquoise rope in steps 3 and 4

Also adding the elektroshock and aquamarine cords in steps 5 and 6

Step 7 and 8 in the 5 strand braid paracord Stairways

Repeat inserting the ropes at the right hand side in step 9 and 10 in the Stairways tutorial

Finishing the first Stairways knot and tightening it in step 11 and 12

Step 11: Make sure you always cross the strands of colour 5 in the same direction. So either always right over left or always left over right.

Making the second knot by repeating the steps shown before, step 13 and 14

Step 13: From now on, keep repeating the same steps.

Keep repeating the steps in step 15 and 16

What the Stairways knotting looks like after tying the 5 strand knot a few times

This knot is designed by Silke Engels. We would like to thank her for allowing us to use this knot.

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