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5x inspiration for your paracord projects

Make something different! 5x paracord colour inspiration from last month, including the used materials and knot patterns.

1. Blue and Gold with Type ll

Paracord collar blue and gold with the spontaneous knot

Used materials: 

Knot: Spontaneous

2. Strawberry Chocolate

Collar and leash in brown and pink paracord

Used materials: 


3. Flower collar in spring colours

Knot a flower collar with paracord

Used materials: 

Knot: Aztec Sun Bar

4. Tartan Beige all the way

Paracord knot in Tartan Beige and Black

Used materials: 

Knot: Helmy’s Next (1 row)

5. Soft pastel collar and leash

Paracord dog collar and leash in pastel colours

Used materials: 


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