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How to attach a cord end cap? | Tutorial

You have made a beautiful dog leash, but now the end cap seems to be too small. What to do now? This is how to get the end cap over the rope.

There are several ways to attach an end cap to rope. I will show you my favourite way step by step. Make sure to have a blowtorch, strong glue (like Loctite) and a thin piece of string at hand. 


Let's start!

  1. Make sure your end cap is the same size as the rope. So for a 10 mm rope use an end cap of 10 mm.
  2. Create an 'edge' around the rope with the gas burner.
  3. Tie the thin rope tightly around the rope at the place of the edge.
  4. Cut off the end at the wrapped rope.
  5. Heat the end of the rope with the blowtorch and make sure the end is smooth and straight.
  6. Remove the thin rope.
  7. Put 4 drops of Loctite in the end cap.
  8. Slide the end cap over the rope and twist until it is in place. Loctite dries quickly, so make sure you do this fast.

You have now attached the end cap and can continue with the rest of your project.

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