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How do I measure my wrist?

Want to make your own bracelet using Paracord? The first thing you need to know in advance is what size your wrist is. Measuring your wrist is relatively simple, but there are a couple of things you need to consider.

There are a number of ways to measure the size of your wrist. For all methods, please bear the following in mind: 

  • hold your hand with the palm facing up;
  • place the end of the tape measure in the centre of the inside of your wrist (this is usually the flattest part of your wrist);
  • make sure that the tape measure fits tightly, but leave enough room so that you’re able to move the tape measure.

What do I use for measuring?

A number of different tools can be used when measuring your wrist. Two of these are discussed below: a tape measure (or similar alternative) and a wrist meter.

1. A flexible tape measure

Place the tape measure around the wrist in the place where the bracelet will be. Make sure that it fits tightly, leaving enough room to be able to move the tape measure. You can now see what size your wrist is.

Don't have a tape measure but you do have a straight ruler? Then take a piece of string or a piece of paper and do the same as you would with a tape measure. Make sure you indicate on it to which point you have measured. Put this piece of string or paper next to your ruler and read the measurement.

Measuring a wrist with a piece of rope

2. A wrist meter 

Are you planning to make bracelets on a more regular basis? Then a wrist meter might be a perfect tool for you. This device lets you quickly determine the size of someone's wrist. Wrist measurement tool

Pull the tape from the meter and secure to the other side. Make sure the opening is spacious enough so your hand can easily fit through it. Put your hand through the loop and press the button on the front of the meter. The tape measure is now pulled tight by the meter itself. Make sure you have still enough room to move the tape and then read the measurement.

You've now successfully measured your wrist size. Want to get started with your very own Paracord bracelet? Take a look at this tutorial on how to make a bracelet using the cobra knot, which also explains how to take the length of the buckle into account when making a bracelet.

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