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Make the “Virginia” knot | Video tutorial

Use the Virginia knot by Claudia Seewald for your next creation! For this alternating pattern, you use 5 different colours of paracord.

The beautiful "Virginia" knot is suitable for all kinds of projects, especially for collars and key rings. When made with paracord 550, the knot is about 1.4 cm thick and 4.6 cm wide. This pattern is a design by Claudia Seewald.

You get the alternating pattern of the Virginia by alternating the steps of colours 2 and 3 for the border and of colours 4 and 5 for the middle. In the video you can clearly see how to do this.

Paracord colours used:

To start the knotting, Kosmetik 2.0 is used. The jig in the video is the wooden paracord jig. To finish the knotting, it is useful to use a paracord needle.

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