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Fusing Dog Leash rope together without a bump | Video tutorial

Dog leash rope can also be nicely incorporated into collars. To do this, the ends of the rope need to be attached to each other. Here you can see how to fuse the ends without creating a bump.

Collar made of dog leash rope and PPM and closed with a brown leather adapterThe fun patterns of dog leash rope are also great to use in dog collars. The picture shows an example of such a collar.

To make this collar, the ends of the tartan beige dog leash rope were fused together and that spot is hidden under the whipping. A piece of red twisted rope was used in the middle. These three layers are securely sewn together under the whipping, as fusing the ends together and the whipping around them is not secure enough.

In this video, you’ll see how fusing the cord ends works and how to do it without the ends expanding and creating a bump that you’ll still see under the whipping.

This is what you need:



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