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Opening of our new showroom

Saturday July 2nd was finally the day: our new showroom was opened! It was immediately inaugurated with a workshop by ambassadors Evi and Helmy, where a small group of guests were immersed in the world of leather and paracord.

The new showroom at Paracord.eu

By constantly expanding, we manage to make both private and business customers from all over the world happy with the products they are looking for. 

Besides the (online) sale of products, we find it important to be able to offer personal advice to our customers. 

We do this in a variety of ways: through our customer service that is always ready to give advice, on our blog platform with new articles every week, but also by welcoming customers to our showroom.

Until recently, the showroom was connected to the staff cafeteria. Cosy, but sometimes just too busy to give advice. That is why we decided to build a completely new showroom, right at the front of the building, where you are surrounded by colour. 

New showroom with tables full of leather tools to make leather key chains

The large surface area of this new showroom opens up many possibilities. We will therefore look internally at how we can make the best possible use of this place in the future with, for example, workshops given by Makers from the community. 

Workshop leather in the new showroom

Would you like to visit the showroom yourself? Make an appointment via the website.

Workshop "Leather & Paracord"Leather tools that are used to make a leather keychain

To officially inaugurate the space, 12 invited guests took part in a workshop given by Paracord.eu ambassadors Evi Nelissen and Helmy Stolwijk. Here they learned techniques to make a beautiful keychain from leather and Paracord.

First of all, the participants chose the colours of leather they wanted to work with, then they selected matching colours of paracord. After a snack and a drink it was time to start the workshop.

The focus of the workshops was mainly on the use of certain tools for leatherworking. This way, the participants were able to judge right away whether they would like to continue working with leather. 



"Working with leather was new to me. I loved trying out the different tools and products."

- Tinne Van Den Bergh

The keychain was made from a piece of saddle leather that was first properly tooled to give the edges a nice finish and colour. Then the participants sewed a strip of nappa leather onto it. All this by hand in the traditional way, with needle, thread and a sewing pony.

People working on the workshop table with different tools and leather

After having finished working the leather, it was time to braid the paracord through the leather. This was a challenge at the beginning, but it also yielded beautiful results! 

Examples of finished keychains with leather and paracord

The day ended with a nice group photo after which the guests left to go home. 

Photo of the group of participants that learned how to make leather keychains

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